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Our society is in the midst of the most overlooked humanitarian crisis in history—the tragic death of millions of unborn children and the often-devastating aftermath of abortion. PROJECT BRAE’S HOPE aims to provide medical aid for crisis pregnancy centers and hope for those post-abortion. We tap the artistic world to bring in the financial and human resources for life-affirming pre- and post-abortion equipment and services.

We are now receiving donations for our latest project, Project Brae’s Hope. This will be funded by your generous donations and the kind proceeds from others’ artistic endeavors.


Have you got an artistic work, composition, or worship endeavor in mind?

Help fund this project!

In line with the principles of GPN, our founder, composer Judith Markovich, leads by example. A large portion of the proceeds from her fresh musical work, LOST DAUGHTERS, will help fund this project. This musical composition, a labor of love for her daughter, will tour churches and communities in the United States to bring much needed compassion, forgiveness, and healing to the men and women whose children were subject to abortion. The initial plans for this musical multi-media presentation involve video and dance. The libretto is complete and the music is now being sketched. The financial responsibilities will include a small paid staff and touring expenses for a core group.

Consider donating a portion of the proceeds from a musical or artistic event or sale of your own to help fund Project Brae’s Hope!


We will need volunteers to help us! There are grants to be written, tours to be scheduled, event management and accounting needs to be met, and prayer warriors on the wall empowered with regular updates. If you have any gifts that would help empower this Worship Encounter or if you’d like to join us with an artistic endeavor of your own, we welcome you to work with us for the sake of the kingdom of God.

Please contact us via the contact page and specify Project Brae’s Hope.

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