Happy Birthday to sweet Harvest Sue, our PoOL mascot! At seven, she has been years of fun and a great joy.

Harvest is a worship dog.  Whenever worship music fills the air at home or whenever I improvise with worship sounds, there she is, lost in the beauty of God’s Spirit. She loves the “water.” Actually, as a new pup, the breeder said she slept in the water bowl.

If she could type, I think she would say to you: “Play! Play every day! Even training can be fun. And remember this, you furless, hind-leg-walking, funny-looking animal, you: What feels like sacrifice and tough discipline brings great reward. I’d drop a million wild pheasants in my master’s hand just to feel his stroke across my head, and under my ears, and oh-h…that’s feels so good!”

Pheasant cake? You guys didn't have to!

Pheasant cake? You guys didn’t have to!

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