Global Outreach POOL


Our mission is to create a humanitarian army

of reclaimed and retrained musicians and directors

and utilize their untapped potential to benefit and serve the poor.

From concerts, free lessons, non-profit support, fundraising and more,

these repurposed artists will alleviate the suffering of the needy.

Our aim is to end artistic attrition and instill a sense of responsibility for those considered the least and the lost. By the unique restoration of wounded or underused musicians and creation of opportunities to serve, we believe the rate of attrition will steadily decrease while humanitarian service will increase. Through our targeted marketing, recovery, training programs, and opportunities, we will foster an individual’s musical destiny, which will affect global societies.

Ray, a fifth grader, delights the residents

Ray, a fifth grader, delights nursing home residents

GPN will specialize in the development and support of sustainable, strategic, and customizable programs such as:

  1. Purpose, vision, training workshops, and materials for music directors
  2. Improvisation, orchestration, and theory workshops and materials
  3. Free online school: training videos and materials to retrain faith-based musicians
  4. Specialized recovery programs and workshops for under-functioning musicians
  5. Training studios with computer stations to facilitate new compositions
  6. Social media forums to encourage collaborative, artistic projects to serve the poor
  7. Instruments for needy children and reclaimed adult musicians
  8. Conductor/Composer/Community (CCC) POOL that serves the disadvantaged in each
  9. Inner city choirs and bands that serve the community
  10. The development of value-based, humanitarian-focused films and film scores
  11. Music programs that inspire music students to serve the needy after school
  12. Music Therapy Projects for the wounded
  13. Outreach POOLs:
    1. Performances to uplift and inspire the disadvantaged
    2. Soup kitchens, subway stations, home groups, starving musicians
    3. Nursing homes, children’s hospitals, wounded soldiers, at-risk women and children, the mentally challenged, inner city children
    4. Copyedit and music manuscript services to the needy
    5. Fundraisers and improvisational nights
    6. Free lessons to underprivileged talented children
  14. Challenges to music schools to add improvisation to their core curriculum and produce musicians able to serve modern-day demands
  15. Help for underfunded public and private school systems.
  16. Provision for service and funding to worthy humanitarian music projects, humanitarian services, humanitarian aid, and other forms of humanitarian relief


The Global Outreach POOL will collaborate with other performing and fine arts people for a full artistic experience. Also, GPN will collaborate with and support organizations that serve those in need in a truly humanitarian way, whether faith-based or not.

To begin with, we aim to work with:

  • Club Down Syndrome to empower those with Down syndrome
  • Joy on Wheels to uplift the homeless and empower its musicians
  • G-COMM to inspire purpose
  • American Music Therapy Association to heal the wounded
  • The award-winning Opportunity Music Project in NYC that give free lessons to worthy underprivileged children

To further prevent artistic attrition, we also will collaborate with college and university systems to include free improvisation in their standard curriculum.

We have created Project Brae’s Hope to provide medical aid for crisis pregnancies and post-abortive parents. This will be funded by generous donations and a portion of the proceeds from artistic events and sales of artistic works of those eager to join us in this worthy project.


  1. Enter school systems and churches with workshops to raise up a generation of youth with a heart to serve the poor with their musical gifts.
  2. Work with humanitarian projects that empower poor, under-served, and distressed musicians in need of instruments, training, purpose, or basic necessities.
  3. Round up unemployed musicians and present concerts to raise funds for and work with at-risk and handicapped children, crisis relief, unwed mothers, the homeless, orphans, and at risk seniors.
  4. Send music students, who are prepared with contest solos and ensembles, to play their pieces in nursing homes and hospitals to comfort and entertain.
  5. Support programs that give free lessons to worthy underprivileged children.
  6. Build a school for worthy underprivileged children (POW Center) and work with Vision Expansion Alliance (VEA) to expand into cities across the nation.
  7. Raise up and support POOLs in other nations to serve the poor.
  8. Empower musically gifted handicapped people.
  9. Establish The CCC POOL, a reading orchestra for new compositions, a voting audience, and rights for conductors to preview vetted pieces to the public.
  10. Pool music and arts organizations together to raise funds for humanitarian causes.
  11. Collaborate directly with humanitarian organizations.
  12. Work with Joy on Wheels to provide music for the homeless. We may start a Music Room for the homeless to re-energize homeless musicians in the Kansas City area.
  13. Invite collaboration with the other arts to create works and present them in fundraisers for various humanitarian missions.
  14. Change the basic teaching method so prevalent in universities today to include improvisation, thereby empowering more musicians to find work in an expanding field.
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