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GPN Five Easy Steps to Spiritual Improv

This free, two-sided handout was written especially for those trained classically in bands or orchestras who are sure they will never be able to improvise. These general steps are simple but powerful. “Simple” breaks through our fears. “Powerful” prepares us for a future of excellence. Practiced on a daily basis, you will be ready within a few weeks for the next handout.

Practice a lot with recordings you love. Most importantly, don’t give up. You may feel foolish, anxious, or confused, but keep working the steps. It will get better and better. Allow yourself a space where there are no mistakes other than not trying. Sure, you will hear places where the notes don’t seem to work but other places where they fall into a groove. That’s very normal. Note what works and what doesn’t. We will cover these places in future downloads.

There are very simple reasons for notes feeling a little off. An advanced hint to you is to ask yourself, are those “off notes” the sixth and seventh note of the key I’m playing in? Take note of that. We’ll cover why that is in future lessons. If not, there are understandable reasons for other “off” notes too. Easy to understand. Easy to fix.

Most of all, have fun, be gentle with yourself, and allow no criticism at this early point. None. Encourage, encourage. It will sound simple, almost too simple. That is okay. Do not despise this small beginning. God is rejoicing that you’ve begun.  It is better to hear yourself succeed over and over with something simple at the beginning than to try to teach yourself too much at the start.

Be patient. Just splash and play in musical colors and sounds and rhythms that YOU made up! Then remember to thank Jesus for all His help!

There are more videos and materials coming to bring you details you will need to grow in your gifting. We are planning an online school to encourage and empower you.

Comments? Please feel free to email us at: infoATglobalpowernetworkDOTorg.

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