Yesterday was a day to celebrate “finishings.” Not only did I receive my first copy of the new CD, Shofar in the Key of Worship, but I picked up the finished printing of my other new piece, The Looking Glass! None of this would have happened if I hadn’t woken up about seven years ago and realized that I wasn’t finishing anything.

I had a computer full of starts, fragments, and near finishes that would have been deleted had I died that day. Years of work, poof! What spurred this awakening?

In a three-week period, ten friends either died or had heart attacks. Two of the heart attacks were my long-time friend and also my younger brother. That’s what I call an awakening. I fervently asked God, the author and finisher, to help me finish, and here we are! Two finished pieces and I actually recorded on a CD instead of just talking about it. A good start. Now, I am digging my heels in to record my own and to finish my first novel.

Tell me, what are your goals for the next two years? Have you filed God-given inspiration in a folder called “Mere Good Ideas”? Why not revisit them? Maybe they aren’t your ideas at all. Maybe God was the author of them. If so, then He wants to finish them if you are willing.

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