Fulfilling Their Destiny in the Arts

Because of the sensitivity of the nature of these testimonies, some names are withheld. Every testimony is a true statement about someone impacted by THE POOL.

Restored Buried Talent

C.S. had not touched her clarinet since 8th grade. Now in her fifties, after six months of private lessons, she broke through the painful memories. She was playing the blues and Stravinsky in that short time. As well, this vibrant woman participated in the creation of a Worship Encounter to raise funds for a teen mission trip. She thrilled the audience with her vocal rendition of Summertime and her improvisational miming ability.”

A.W. was referred by another from the GPN Studios. She had buried her wind instrument. As we worked on the roots of her decision to quit and rebuilt her skill, she revealed an exceptional talent. Her desire to play was restored, and the direction of her destiny became clear. In 2009, she entered a university music therapy program, using her instrumental audition to gain entrance.”

Motivated Lackadaisical Student

A. B. is so terribly excited…and I’m excited to see HER so excited. I’m looking forward to seeing her live up to her potential!”

J. B., whose daughter lacked inspiration

Trained Classical Musicians to Improvise

She took the first ten-week class THE POOL offered. A classically trained pianist, she now performs on a worship team in her local church and has performed on teams at the International House of Prayer. She and her sister, who also attended the class, have released their first CD.”


Discovered Hidden Talent

J.P. was also a writer who didn’t know it. She actually believed she couldn’t write. This email was sent to her for a service she had done for a ministry to the poor:

The whole newsletter just looks very professional and slick. There’s nothing rudimentary about it; it’s just wonderful!  It seems to me that (some) newsletters have a “homemade” sort of inexpensive look about them. You can tell they’re done by amateurs. There’s nothing wrong with that, but ours now looks like we had a Madison Avenue advertising firm working with us and doing all the layouts and printing. There’s balance in the layouts between the columns and the pictures — different fonts that actually look good together!

And the colors are great, too! What more can I say? Bless you.”

A. B., Member, Board of Directors for a ministry to the poor

Valued in His Place

During one of the dramatic Worship Encounters, S. K. realized his value. His expertise in the area of lighting, which had not been used in his church, found its happy place. His church was blessed, and this man in his sixties began seeking the appropriation of property on which to build a musical theatre.”

Healed in THE POOL

Members were huddled together at a POOL brunch, praying fervently for the healing of one of their POOL buddies. She had been diagnosed with cancer. Within a few weeks, she was declared cancer-free.”

Empowered to Make a Difference

Thank you so much for your consistent encouragement and inspiration. My husband doesn’t like it that I am always recognizing how capable other people are and don’t see it in myself. It would be nice to see myself as having value and the ability to help others uniquely.” As she began to accept her value, L.L. has gone from inactive to active. She has led two vocal workshops that have amazed many. Presently, she is using her gift on a church worship team and to serve seniors in a nursing home.”

L.L., professional singer of operas and shows

Equip the Youth

My daughter left you the rose. 🙂 She said that you have changed our family and wanted to bless you.”

M. R., Franklin, Tennessee

Music Major Trained in Worship Improvisation

Since there is no training in worship improvisation in a university music school, A.W., a fantastic classical wind player, sat feeling useless in church. With some encouragement, she began to come to worship sets and sit beside a POOL instructor, listening, learning and trying her own ideas without a mic. She was patiently coached through each set. As time progressed, she began to step out and play on the mic on her own. Now, an accomplished musician with a Master of Music degree, she boldly uses her instrument to play for God for people’s healing.


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