What does P.O.W.E.R. mean?

P.O.W.E.R. is an acronym for POOL of Worship  Encounters and Restoration.

What is THE POOL?

There is already a group of musicians and other artists in every church, discovered or undiscovered. POOL them all together and you have “THE POOL,” an all-inclusive group of creatives of diverse genres, generations, and genders. No one is left behind.

THE POOL Worship and The Outreach POOL are two branches of the international ministry, Global P.O.W.E.R. Network, Inc.


We added a mime routine to the skit and a little Stravinsky
We added a mime routine to the skit and a little Stravinsky

Have you ever seen what happens when you pool together creative minds? It’s amazing! Healing, encouragement, and visions are shared. Plays, books, compositions, art are created to serve others; life-long friendships form. Attendance increases as church outsiders see a welcoming, affirming place that embraces them. The possibilities are endless.

What does THE POOL do?

  • THE POOL empowers church leaders to empower their people in the creative and performing arts to serve the least and the lost.
  • THE POOL creates a place for churches to discover and restore buried talent.
  • THE POOL enables worship leaders and directors to equip both the classical and improvisational performing arts for a fuller worship experience.
  • THE POOL creates groups to inspire and activate writers, dancers, composers, and artists.
  • THE POOL prepares leaders to utilize the wider variety of artistic gifting in their churches today.
  • THE POOL facilitates church growth through retention of creative talent for more creative, all-inclusive ways to serve.
  • THE POOL is a Bible-based Christian organization that gives all glory to God.
  • THE POOL offers a place to develop godly character in the worshiping arts.
  • Global P.O.W.E.R. Network, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit organization, accountable to a Board of Directors.

What is your current campaign?


Why do you think there is artistic attrition? We have a nice program already.

Are you aware that:

  • After years of training and expense, thousands of students graduate each year with no ongoing sense of purpose and leave their instruments, pens, toe shoes and scripts at the front door of their school.
  • Artistic people have entered churches, looking for a way to serve in a church that did not know how to use them or empower them.
  • Some musicians atrophy in congregations because they do not know how to improvise in today’s contemporary worship.
  • In today’s culture, funds for school arts programs are cut and our Christian children are not being trained as in the past.
  • Many home-schooled children and private schools have no band or orchestra program, so our churches lack musicians to empower with varied band and orchestra instruments.
  • Without a broader vision for the arts, churches are rapidly losing a rainbow of colors in our worship settings.

Why do you empower leaders who already have a worship program?



Church leaders and worship leaders feel strong about what they know. Sometimes, though, they feel ill-equipped to serve a musical or artistic style outside of their own bent. THE POOL will help you restore, equip, incorporate, and activate your broader artistic body of Christ. We train and encourage leaders to establish POOLS which offer skill instruction, healing, encouragement, and activation. We offer programs to teach improvisation to the classically trained and classic theory training to the improvisational. THE POOL Network of leaders assists churches in building a bridge of communication between sight (those who read music) and sound (those who play by ear). We equip the church worship leaders with the materials they need to restore, empower and activate these varied giftings. We can help you END ARTISTIC ATTRITION.

What do others say about your leader?

Markovich (the founder) has a God-given gift for identifying and believing in what’s inside of us that often we don’t see ourselves. She envisions and empowers us into our God-given destiny.”

—E.J. Irish, Director, newVISIONaryNETwork®

…superbly equipped in being resourceful, imaginative…she (Judith) is an impressive combination of maturity and professionalism on the one hand, and enthusiasm and strong motivation on the other…highest recommendation.”

— Richard Killough, Director NYC Lincoln Center Student Programs

My daughter is so terribly excited to be your pupil and I’m excited to see HER so excited. I’m looking forward to seeing her live up to her potential!”

—JB, mom

—Read more Testimonials.

How can I get involved?

  • Join our THE POOL Network of leaders, dedicated to the restoration and empowerment of the arts in churches.
  • Get involved in THE POOL Outreach and serve the underserved.
  • Visit and comment on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gPnPoOL.
  • Be a POOL Lifeguard and pray over THE POOL works in a Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/POWLifeguards.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @thepoolworship.
  • Join us on our blog.
  • Contact us and volunteer your time and expertise.
  • Invite us to discuss how we can help empower your church.



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