We’ve heard: you can’t live on your art, you’ll be a starving artist, you’ll never make any money, get a real job.

Think about it. All those lies showered on us have to do with serving money. Whatever happened to the suggestion that you “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the things shall be added unto you”?

As believers in Jesus Christ, we know money is not our end goal. The tricky part is, though, we need money. That’s where our artistic priorities can flip over.

We all recognize the stereotypical sales people who desparately try to meet their quota. Eyes bright, they rush in. You’re their next Porterhouse steak. They say they care about what you want and may mean that, but you sense that is not 100% true. They are pressured to support their sick child at home.

Let’s be honest. Anxiety-based temptation is no different for a Christian musician, actor, painter, dancer. How do we overcome without laying aside our talents?

I’m not in denial. I need money to pay for things and to help more people. Nor am I going to decide that God will never prosper the works of my hands. But what if my works don’t support me?

Have I asked God, were they meant to right now?  Or maybe someone is not willing to compensate. After all, you are a “Christian,” they say, and to them, that word means “free,” involuntarily.

Either way, our talents may or may not bring us income, but that still can’t stop us from serving.

So if I spend time honing my talents, where’s the money to support my family?

Right here in this thought! God may choose to provide for us via our talents today. He may chose another way tomorrow, but He will always provide for those who serve Him. He just doesn’t always tell us how.

Let’s remind our privileged selves daily that our talents are meant to bless, heal, deliver, and set people free, not primarily to support us.

If the Lord chooses to tag on an income, we say, “Halleluia! Bring it on.” Then we share. If not, He will surely provide some other way. I have never seen the righteous forsaken.

We are the righteous in Christ Jesus, are we not?


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