Not encouraged to pursue a career in music as a child, I lacked a mother’s blessing, that is until 2009. Waiting at an elevator in China after a group breakfast, international ministry leader, Marilyn Hickey, said to me, ”That was so-o-o anointed, so anointed!” 

I was stunned. It was the mother’s blessing I’d so needed.

I doubt Marilyn was as surprised as I, who was still a tad nervous from the risk I’d taken. Crazy, but I had played a $5 Hulusi souvenir at the tour’s last worship time. What seemed crazy was I only had fifteen minutes in private to learn how to play it and this was an international ministry tour breakfast at which I was to play.

Was I overconfident to accept the invitation?

You might think so, but I’d learned the principle behind the anointing. Before I played I said: ”I’ve learned not to play for people. I play for God for people. Hand Him your requests, and I’ll play.”

As I played for God like a little child with a new toy, I was surprised to see a few people break into tears; others worshiped. One woman in particular recounted a deep personal healing that amazed me.

The truth sunk deeper: It is not about an expensive instrument, the right mouthpiece, fame, or hours of practice and Bible reading, though those are very helpful. It is all and only about the anointing of Jesus Christ’s power in and through a willing musician, writer, dancer.

“Without God’s anointing, I am nothing.”

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