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group1 The “reader” says:“I can’t improvise.” “I play by ear but don’t know what I’m doing,” says the receiver. The PoOL creates a bridge between the reader musician and the receiver. Others say, “I always wanted to write a book, dance in worship, paint what I see.” Value, purpose, healing and skill training come as we “splash” together. If you want to serve the least and the lost, The PoOL is your answer. We provides simple, training manuals and directors passionate about your artistic destiny. Contact Us


group2 The PoOL CLUB is a creative, fun-loving environment. Ages 8-12 are envisioned and trained in creative, spontaneous worship through the use of recorders, handmade percussion, and dance. Fifth and sixth grade band and orchestra members are taught to improvise and worship on their instruments with the Word of God. We empowers leaders to envision and equip this generation for an intimate experience with their Creator. Contact Us


group3 gPn pools together directors and worship leaders to provide ongoing support, vision, and expert advice and training. THE DIRECTORS’ PoOL encourages collaboration and creation of regional training and Worship Encounters. Consultations are available. Contact Us


group4 THE PoOL LIFEGUARDS are strategically important to the success of the endeavors of gPn. Those committed to intercede for the people and purposes of The PoOL are valued as much as those out front training. Seasonal or long-term commitments are equally welcomed. Join the POW Lifeguards


group5 Sometimes, a good friend is all we need—an empathetic listener to strengthen us. The BACKYARD PoOL is an online blog for the purpose of support and encouragement. A mysterious release of gifting, purpose, and creativity in the arts flourishes in the backyard. Read our Blog


group6 The GLOBAL PoOL arises to provide international experts and training in multicultural styles of worship. The GLOBAL PoOL is a worldwide effort to stop the loss of artistic talent and to empower people to fulfill their God-given destiny in the arts. Contact Us


group7 A PoOL Worship Encounters (WE) are collaborative events created and produced by trained PoOL directors and members for the purpose of serving the least and the lost. Whether through a fundraiser, church service, or outreach, WE present opportunities for PoOL directors and members to use their artistic talents for God. WE also connect smaller churches for a fuller worship experience. Contact Us


group8 The PoOL SNACK BAR is an online resource of materials and links that empower vision, restoration, training, and impact. Wise counsel, training manuals for skill development, and selected works—music, drama, dance—created by THE PoOL members are resources available to equip your church at The PoOL SNACK BAR. Forthcoming… Contact Us

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