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Global P.O.W.E.R. Network, Inc.

(POOL of Worship Encounters and Restoration)


Why “The POOL” metaphor?

First, Jesus healed at the pool of Bethesda. One of our primary purposes is the healing and activation of creative people in the church.

Second, the original vision our founder had was of a pool in the lobby, inside the front glass doors of a church. People entered, jumped in, and formed relationship from the beginning of their experience within the church.

Anonymous Painting

Anonymous Painting


This slogan was given to our founder in a dream before the popular “Live Love Laugh” hit the markets. These five words are our guiding principles. 


Many have buried their artistic talents. Whether they were buried out of wounding, doubt, lack of vision, or improper training, we believe God wants to get to the root of it. With His help, we purpose to discover and restore them. This is a unique aspect of our ministry.

  • Jesus healed at the pool of Bethesda
  • Pool water refreshes
  • Living waters heal and restore
  • Floating in a pool relaxes, heals
  • People share encouraging experiences at a pool that give hope
  • Swimming strengthens the body


  • Swimming lessons help us learn to flow in spontaneous worship
  • Swimming lessons bring skill-building  techniques


  • Nothing like a group of new friends, splashing and playing in the anointing
  • Swimming pools foster relationships
  • People of all ages and genres do fun things together


  • Our members love and encourage each other into health, skill and service
  • We aim to love the least and the lost by serving them with the arts
  • We create Worship Encounters to bring people to the love of God


Laugh: a chuckle or explosive vocal sound.

Dr. Pamela Gerloff states in Possibility Paradigm: “The average four-year-old laughs 300 times a day, a forty-year-old, only four.”

Remember the joy when you picked up your first instrument or wrote your first story or twirled around like no one was watching? Fun produces laughter. We love to have lots of fun!

  • Those who’ve lost their laugh regain it
  • We laugh with ourselves as we learn
  • We laugh with others as they try new things
  • We bring laughter through some of our Worship Encounters
  • Joy comes from finding and  fulfilling our destiny
  • The joy of serving the least and the lost together can’t help but put a smile on your face
  • And don’t forget the stop for an ice cream cone after a successful event


What is “WE”?

WE is an acronym for Worship Encounters. It is a WE affair in that we, “pool” our talents to bring an opportunity for people to worship God through the arts. Together, WE can do what one cannot do alone.

Who are the “POW Lifeguards”?

The POW Lifeguards are POOL of Worship (POW) intercessors who pray over the members, workings and leadership of THE POOL. They deliver an invaluable POW behind what we do. Weekly posts appear on the POW Lifeguard Facebook page for any who join the group. Visit POW Lifeguards group

What is the “Diving Board”?

The Diving Board is our Board of Directors, and it is a high dive of exceptional leaders. These fearless ones are not afraid of the heights, nor are they afraid to dive into the depths of problems and find grand solutions.

What is the “Snack Bar”?

The snack bar at a pool provides yummy sustenance.

  • Our Energy Bar is a place to purchase music, books, devotions, art, etc. created by THE POOL members and leadership.
  • Our snack bar is the place to purchase the materials used in our programs.

What is the “Backyard POOL”?

A backyard POOL is a place of intimacy among close friends.

  • The Backyard POOL is a healing blog where we can talk to each other about the joys and barriers of an artistic life
  • The Backyard POOL is a healing blog where we share our doubts and our fears and find understanding
  • The Backyard POOL is a place of encouragement that leads to restoration
  • The Backyard POOL is a brunch where we exchange exciting  ideas for Worship Encounters

What is the “POOL Club”?

The POOL Club is like a kiddy pool to encourage children to love and play in the waters of the anointing.


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